Installing Phalcon Dev Tools on Windows

tumblr_inline_mn43qp6Rkm1qz4rgpThere are two AMP stack available on windows: XAMPP and WAMP. In this article we will cover both of them to install Phalcon and
Phalcon Dev Tools using composer, to create a basic skeleton code. Since Phalcon is built on C binaries its process is little different, but will cover every details to install it on windows.

Book Review – Getting Started with Phalcon

7673OS_MiniBefore reading this book, I heard that “Phalcon is an awesome new PHP framework known for its small footprint and best performance since its build using C binaries”,¬† on reading and reviewing “Getting Started with Phalcon” by Stephan A. Miller, confirmed the above idea. Author made sure that he guides through each step of deployment irrespective of your platform. Usage of dependancy injection along with templating engine Volt and Phalcon ORM, was very easy to grasp, which I certainly missed while working on Doctrine and Zend Framework.
Since Phalcon is evolving, there is yet scope for further contribution from OpenSource community and in near future I am sure to see its Enterprise use.


Preparing for Zend Certification for new PHP 5.5

So, finally after a lot of efforts I was able to earn my Zend Certified PHP Engineer Certification on 3rd Jan, 2014.

The journey was really awesome, I dribbled a lot on new PHP 5.5 & 5.4 features, Xml, JSON, Security, PDO, HTTP Codes, SPL Library and the brain teasing Regular Expressions. My past programming experience really paid off and I gained a real insight of how powerful PHP is !!